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Influencer Campaign Management

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach new audiences and boost engagement. But it’s hard to get right. 

The problem with influencer marketing is that many campaigns fail because they are not planned properly from the start, which leads to wasted time and money on ineffective strategies - or worse, bad relationships between brands and influencers.

We will create a strategy for your campaign that will lead to success in reaching your goals. We have a proprietary model we follow to identify, negotiate, secure and fulfill influencer contracts that provide added value and results for your brand. It all begins by creating an effective plan for your unique business based on our experience working with top brands and influencers around the country.

Influencer Campaign Management 

starting at $5,000

Services included in package are customized based on your unique needs, but can include:

• Influencer campaign strategy
• Influencer list development
• Influencer validity verification
• Contract development & management
• Rate & deliverable negotiations
• Campaign fulfillment verification
• Page integration
• Promoted influencer posts
• Compensation fulfillment
• Campaign reporting

The Process

develop the strategy

The influencers are just as much your customers as their audience is. We make sure that your brand is perfectly positioned to get in front of the right buyers, and we do this with an air-tight influencer strategy. Combined with user data and market trends, we develop an influencer strategy that details the KPIs for success, the regions we’ll target, and the influencer qualities most important to your brand.


build the list

Armed with a strategy, we build a unique list of influencers just for your brand. We don’t just pick any ol’ influencer from the block. We thoroughly research their recent posts, their track record, and even the validity of their followers and engagers (say goodbye to influencer fraud!)


negotiate & create

We negotiate influencer rates to get brands the best bang for their buck while offering influencers a fair rate for their services. Once their contracts are signed, they’ll produce content on behalf of your brand, armed with all appropriate tags, mentions and details (we always check their work!)



Once the content is out in the world, we’re here to amplify it. Whether it’s resharing their content, responding to fan comments, or supporting their content with paid promotion, we work to get your brand the most visibility possible and strike while the iron is hot.


Review the Reports

Numbers tell a story, and we’re your data nerd to put together all the metrics to share this chapter. Gathering data across all influencer content, you’re left with a detailed report of quantitative and qualitative data that will show just how incredible the influencer campaign turned out. So much so, we’ll go ahead and do another one.


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We have a proprietary list of influencers in major markets, and various databases that we have invested in to find quality influencers for a variety of industries and interests. We also will do manual searches through your existing pages to find influencers who may already be loyal to your brand for consideration.

Influencer fraud is very common, and we go through a round of follower verification before we even propose the influencer to you for consideration. If we find that their audience is over 15% bots, we immediately pass on them. Check out this free tool from Grin.Co to do some verification of your own.

While we often work with influencers and publicists, we do not represent influencers. We’re strictly on the brand side.

It doesn't have to be hard.

Influencers are incredible advocates for your brand. Don’t miss your opportunity to tap into this magnetic marketing channel. We’ll lead the way.

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