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Social Video Campaigns

Video content is the way of the future with social media, but it can be very expensive. 

That's why we created a turnkey solution for brands that are looking to capture their buyers' attention without breaking the bank. We offer affordable and effective visual content development services that will help your brand stand out from its competition.

Our team of creators are keyed into social media trends and audience-friendly videos, creating amazing motion graphics and visual content for businesses like yours. We offer a full suite of services that include everything from concept creation to animation production so your social media pages stay fresh and top-of-mind with your buyers.

Video Campaigns

starting at $2,000 / 4 videos

Services included in package are customized based on your unique needs, but can include:

• Short form video (SFV) strategy
• Content planning
• Video production
• Platform-specific formatting
• Trend research & recommendations in SFV space

The Process

Build a strategy

There’s no point in creating video content unless it is rooted in a strategic approach. We work with you to define the true marketing goals for your brand, and identify opportunities where short form video content will support those goals.


Craft the content

With a roadmap to follow, we get to work. Whether it’s working with your in-house resources to capture behind-the-scenes content at the office, or bringing in one of our talented Social HQ videographers, we capture content to move the needle, and edit it to make the biggest impact for each platform.


Launch & Grow

It’s go-time! We launch that perfectly crafted short form video content into the world. But it doesn’t stop there – while content is rolling out, we’re also finding your users organically through their own content. We find them through relevant location tags, hashtags and beyond, engaging with them on behalf of your brand to drive them back to your page. We rinse and repeat this practice to convert viewers into followers, and then transform them into advocates for your brand.


Review the Results

The only way to know if video is serving its purpose is to review the results. We report back how each video performed against the KPIs from the strategy, and evolve the approach for the next round of video content to continue improving the results your brand gets from short form video.


Social HQ has helped me
look at aspects of my
business in ways I could
not have on my own.

With Hillary's many years of experience in social
media marketing, she has really been able to
educate and assist me with my social media
presence. I have really enjoyed working with
Social HQ on strategies to improve my business.
Hillary is very friendly, knowledgeable and

Mary Shawcross,
The Cliffrose Vintage


Video content has become more accessible for brands and creators over the last few years. We get rid of extra production that may be necessary for commercial shoots to give brands a cost-effective and results-driven option for video content.

While you may use this video content for whatever you desire, we create video content through a social lens. That means the video may include TikTok trends that wouldn’t translate seamlessly on YouTube, and vice versa. Short answer: you can, but you might not want to.

Absolutely! Our solutions start with a film-it-yourself model, where we get you set up with the equipment you need to capture video and audio, and instructions on what to film. Our Social HQ video editors will take your video and transform it into amazing content.

It doesn't have to be hard.

We get it. You’ve spent hours on creating content without any results to show for it. You’ve been burned by agencies that charged $5k for a video that didn’t result in noteworthy conversion. You may even have thrown in the towel on social media all together.

It doesn’t have to be this way. And it shouldn’t be. Let us show you a better way.

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