Our bread & Butter

TikTok Brand Management

TikTok isn’t going anywhere. While it is the fastest growing social media platform in history, it's not easy to create a successful campaign on this network. 

Most brands are wasting their time and money trying to promote themselves on this platform, without knowing how to use it effectively for their unique audience.

Social HQ has developed a successful approach that will help your brand reach new audiences while also increasing engagement with existing fans. Our team of content creators can help you make great videos for TikTok and then amplify them across a variety of your channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. This way we'll get your video seen by millions of people who don't even know about TikTok yet!


starting at $1,500 / mo.

Services included in package are customized based on your unique needs, but can include:

• TikTok brand strategy
• Page set-up and management
• TikTok content development
• Paid TikTok sponsorships
• Creator partnership management
• Community management
• Audience engagement
• Analytic reporting

The Process

Develop a strategy

If you haven’t noticed, we here at Social HQ love a good strategy. We work with you to define the what, who, when, where, how and why for your brand on TikTok. With rock-solid KPIs to track our progress, we get started.


Craft the content

We hit the ground running to produce trend-driven content that stays true to your brand. That means if viral dances and pranks don’t fit the bill, we won’t be creating them. Your videos can be educational, inspiring, informative and beyond. We’ll create the perfect combination to attract your audience. Then we hit “post” and...


Engage with community

Some of the best impression-drivers come from the comment sections. Brands that take the time to comment on relevant, trending videos made by others can garner incredible results. Literally, comments can go viral. Don't sleep on engaging with other users' content to attract additional viewership to your page.


review the results

We analyze reports to see how you're doing, giving us insight into what needs adjustment before moving onto the next round of TikTok content creation. Together we’ll build your brand up on TikTok to attract your audience in new ways, driving that loyalty and love for your brand even deeper than before.


Digital media is ever-evolving,

and Hillary is always at the top of the game,
thinking two steps ahead of anyone else. She
takes her client relationships seriously and is
always just a phone call or text away when
algorithms change or questions come up.



TikTok has grown in favorability for a variety of users. From history buffs to trend-setters, Gen Z to Gen X and beyond, there are plenty of niche audiences on TikTok that make it ripe for brands to jump into. We’ll work with you to identify the best audience to connect with (before we ever start recording content!)

We can create TikTok videos using a variety of resources. We’ll review the resources you have, including existing footage, onsite talent, and recording devices to determine what the most effecting method would be for your brand. For some brands, we create all TikTok content in our in-house studio. It really depends for your unique brand.

We love this question. The answer? Maybe. Maybe not. The reality of social media is we don’t know which platforms will be around in the next 5 years. What we do know, is what’s here now, and where your audience is today. These platforms serve as a distribution channel for your brand to attract customers to engage with you on an owned channel: an email list, a customer, a visitor. Investing in what’s available and working today will help grow your brand loyalty for the next 5 years, regardless of which platform you’re on. Users will always follow great brands. And if it’s not your brand on TikTok, your competitor will be there soon enough. Don’t miss your chance!

It doesn't have to be hard.

If you thought TikTok was only for dancing to choreographed songs, it's time to toss that theory out the window and reacquaint yourself with the fastest growing social media platform in the world. Lucky for you, we’re well-versed in how to make brands stand-out in this emerging platform… before your competition beats you to it.

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